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Are You Using Your Business Blog to Build Links?

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Business BlogOne of the first things that’s taught to anyone trying to learn search engine optimization is the concept of link building and how important it is for helping your website rank in search engines. Link building, for those not in the know, is any attempt to gain links pointing to your website from another website. In Google’s eyes, the more relevant (i.e., related to your content) these links are, the better chance your website will have of ranking.

That, at least, is the jist of it. But when we move from concept to execution, the issue becomes a bit more complex, and at the center of it is the question: what can we do to constantly get links to our website?

There are a lot of answers to this, but that’s not really what this post is about. This post is about focusing on one of those answers, one that’s becoming more popular among those looking for the best ways to build links, and a subject we’ve covered several times on this blog in the past: by creating unique, valuable content that’s relevant to your audience.

This in itself is an answer that must be further broken down. There are many different types of content and many different methods you can user to deliver them, but for the purposes of this post, we’re going to focus on one avenue: your business blog.

Hopefully you have one, but if not, take a look at these articles we wrote last year on the importance of having a blog for your business:

Why Your Business Needs a Blog, Part 1: The Benefits For Your Customers

Why Your Business Needs a Blog, Part 2: The Benefits For Search Engines

Your business blog offers you a chance to create and share a variety of content. You can use it to post an informative article related to your industry (like this one), to upload a video, or to offer your partners and customers a look at the personal side of your business with pictures of something fun or interesting you did for a special occasion.

All of this has the potential to be shared and distributed by anyone who reads it. If it’s educational, entertaining, or just interesting, people will post it where they know it’ll be seen by others with an interest in the topic. It’s the way the web works. How many times have you found an article, picture or video and emailed it to friends and family? Or posted about it on Facebook or Twitter?

It’s a fact: compelling, creative and valuable content spreads so far and wide once it gets off the ground it’s almost a natural phenomenon. Simply by utilizing your business’s blog – a place you can be at once professional, personal, educational and entertaining – you can see your content shared across the web, by partners and customers  and, soon enough, individuals outside your circle who found it interesting enough to share as well. This is one of the most effective ways to build natural links to your website, which in turn will contribute to higher ranking on search engines.

What do you think? Do you use your business blog to build links? Do you plan on starting? Your thoughts are always welcome, so let us know!

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