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Local Search and Mobile Users: How Can Your Business Benefit?

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Mobile SearchHave you heard? Cell phones now have the ability to browse the web! You can shop, email, do your banking – all in the palm of your hand!

Okay, so to say that’s old news is an understatement. But it does lead us to the question: with the unbelievable increase in consumers using mobile devices to access the web, how can your business benefit from all the buzz?

There are several companies that should probably be focusing a significant amount of their time on mobile strategy, because with the right approach, they stand to gain a good deal in return. For now, however, they don’t fully realize the potential that exists in this still-new form of marketing, and so haven’t taken any action in this regard.

Let’s look at how a business can benefit from utilizing local search and the mobile market, using an auto repair shop as our example.

An individual is driving down the street on a pleasant enough afternoon, their mind on the errands they need to run over the next few hours, when suddenly the car sputters, stops and dies. Gas is okay and as far as they know the vehicle is tuned up, so the cause is a mystery. Time to call for help.

The tow arrives and the driver takes a look, telling the individual what the problem is and recommending them a few shops in the area. But they’re the type that like to research before they invest, so they pull out their phone and do a quick Google search for “auto repair shops in [City]”.

Boom – up come the listed results and a map, complete with markers. Look, here’s one nearby! Tap to click, read a few good reviews, see their prices are fair, they’re not too far from the individual and they’re open a few hours later than the competition. Another tap to call and they’re connected. A quick conversation and in goes the car for a quote, and by the time the shop shuts down for the day they’ve gained a new customer in the span of a few hours.

All of this made possible because in that time, a need was created and a solution was searched for and found – quite literally – on the spot.

Of course, not every business fits this bill, but the fact remains that mobile fills a void we didn’t even realize existed as recently as a decade ago. There’s a market out there that’s performing searches in an entirely different manner than we’re used to, and the time to adapt is already past. If you’re not thinking about mobile marketing, you need to start by at least beginning to research how it could benefit your business.

Start by performing some searches related to your industry on your own mobile device and see which of your competitors comes up first. Then talk to your internet marketing agency and have them perform an analysis, then discuss your needs and goals with them in order to help them come up with a strategy that works for you.

(For the business owners that take a DIY approach to their internet marketing, the same recommendation applies, just replace your agency with you).

What do you think? Do you believe that mobile marketing strategy is essential? Do you have one? Do you plan on conceiving one? Your thoughts are always welcome, so let us know!

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