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Three Aspects of Web Marketing to Focus on For 2014

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2014The holidays have come and gone and it’s time to look towards the next twelve months and what they’ll bring for our businesses. A big part of this is breaking down what types of marketing strategies we need to focus on in order to achieve the goals we’ve set for ourselves – specifically, in this day and age, the aspects of web marketing on which we should be placing the highest emphasis as the use of digital devices for business and shopping purposes continues to increase.

We thought a good way to kick off the New Year would be to highlight three areas of web marketing you’ll want to start – or continue – to focus on if you want to keep up with how your potential business partners and customers are browsing, shopping, and in general, trying to find you.

(Unlike our recent Web Marketing Trends for 2014 article, which drew its content largely from the sources linked within, these are mainly  our own suggestions and predictions for what aspects of web marketing you should focus on this year).

  1. Website Maintenance

We talked a lot about website maintenance in 2013, especially the latter half, and you’re going to hear us talk about it a lot more in 2014.

Here’s why: a regular web maintenance routine is essentially an assurance that your website is consistently monitored for any technical or other issues, and that any that do exist are addressed and fixed as quickly as possible. This helps ensure that customers who visit your site will always receive a user-friendly experience, with easy navigation and no problems that hamper their efforts to shop with you.

These are important aspects to a website, because something business owners often don’t consider is just how easy it is to lose a potential customer. The first sign of an error-riddled page or something going wrong with the checkout process can cause users to hit their back button in a heartbeat, and once that trust is gone it’s very difficult to win back.

Make sure you include website maintenance as part of your online marketing strategy for 2014 and half the battle for customer retention will be won.

  1. Content Creation

This one was also covered in our Web Marketing Trends for 2014 article, and with good reason. Content is becoming a bigger part of online marketing for businesses as they realize the value of creating something unique and useful for their target audience – something that can be shared and spread with ease, to other interested individuals, which is an excellent method for increasing brand awareness.

It can be something as far out as a full video series about something in your industry, complete with scripts and wardrobe or it can be something as simple as a one-page, informative article with an opinion that hasn’t been voiced by anyone else. Regardless of how you do it, creating content that says something new or offers your audience something of value – especially for free – is a tried-and-true method of putting your name out there and making waves in your industry, and as social shares continue to increase across different devices it’ll only put you more ahead of the game.

  1. Mobile Marketing

You can expect this one to be on the list every year for an indefinite amount of time.

Last month, Search Engine Land ran an article detailing some statistics on mobile search, among them the revelation from Forrester Research that “US mobile paid search will be worth $3.8 billion by the end of 2013”.

You don’t need statistics to tell you that mobile devices are becoming more and more ingrained in our everyday lives. They have been for years, and are now so dominant in our day-to-days that it’s unusual to encounter anyone without a phone or some sort of mobile device. They’re able to help us with everything from initial research to final purchases, and as this technology continues to advance, so too will the amount of consumers that turn to these devices for all aspects of their online shopping needs.

There’s a lot to focus on for web marketing in 2014. The old tricks still work, for the most part, and you’ll want to ensure you’re still paying close attention to your existing search engine optimization and web marketing strategies, as long as they’re delivering the results you want. Paying close attention to these three specifics, however, and making them just as essential in terms of priority, will help you stay ahead in your industry.

What do you think? Are you already focusing on these three aspects of web marketing? Do you plan on starting this year? Your thoughts are always welcome, so let us know!

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