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Search Engine Optimization and Public Relations

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public relations and SEOA recent series of articles at Search Engine Land, the first in a series of three entitled Public Relations for SEO: The Complete Guide (see Part 2: Public Relations For SEO: How To Target Journalists and Part 3: Public Relations For SEO: How To Pitch Journalists) inspired a follow-up from PR Newswire, aptly named An SEO Expert’s View of Public Relations.

Like the article at Search Engine Land, it offers a look at the relationship between SEO and public relations, only this time from a PR person’s point of view.

Both articles are excellent reads, and although they may require more than a layman’s understanding of SEO, they nonetheless offer some useful tips for how you can effectively integrate your PR strategy with your SEO campaign in a manner that drives results and helps you meet your online marketing goals.

For the purposes of diversity and sharing as much information as we can, we’ll offer a tidbit apiece, giving you an individual slice of both articles in order to allow you to see how both authors ultimately make the point that SEO and PR can work well together. This topic is especially useful for those still getting a grasp on SEO and web marketing to read, given the fact that many individuals still place public relations under the umbrella of ‘traditional marketing’ and do not see the relationship it can have with search engine optimization.

Here’s a small snippet from the article over at Search Engine Land:

“A few years ago, I launched a website called FindHow, and we gave it a full-court press from a PR standpoint. In this series of articles, I’ll run through all the best practices we leveraged. Before we start, the results we garnered for our launch are shown below.


In the first month of FindHow’s existence, it surpassed 15,000 unique visitors and eventually grew to around the 100,000 uniques mark. After about five months, the Public Relations effort had resulted in a total of around 18,000 links to the site, primarily because of prominent media mentions that boosted the site’s credibility and aided word of mouth.”

The article goes on to talk about the techniques utilized in order to ensure their PR campaign worked successfully with their search goals, but the results mentioned above are enough for any webmaster, marketer or business owner to stop reading for a second and send their eyebrows sky-high.

Traffic and links, two of the primary metrics of any search engine optimization campaign, saw a tremendous boost in less than half a year – all because of effective PR that was set up to synchronize with the company’s search efforts. While there’s a lot more to successful SEO than visitors and who’s linking to your website, those are two of the main factors that can lead to an increase in sales and leads online. They are also two factors that websites put the most effort into obtaining more of, and this success story shows just how well an effective public relations campaign can work to increase both.

Now let’s take a look at a tidbit from the article written at PR Newswire:

“Secondly, integrating with the brand’s SEO program can lend real power to the messaging the PR department creates.  Keyword research is another facet of audience behavior that can (and should) inform the content strategy.  In addition to simply using the language of your audience, paying attention to larger keyword trends and usage patterns reveals what your marketplace actually cares about.  For a content creator, this information is golden.”

This is a deeper look into how search engine optimization and public relations can work together to build your brand online, and make no mistake, they’re wise words. A company’s SEO team or agency has access to a lot of crucial data that reflects what a website’s target audience is looking for and how they’re looking for it, giving those who put the press releases together a perfect look at what to say and how to say it. It can give the message of any PR materials a big boost in terms of content and increase the likelihood that they will generate links from other websites, especially those in the same industry – also very important, as Google cares about relevancy when determining how to factor in links to a websites’ search ranking.

You may feel as though public relations is too much a part of traditional avenues of marketing to fit in with any search engine optimization campaign, but the truth is that both can work extremely well together, and solid PR efforts can help you achieve your search and web marketing goals. The articles we’ve mentioned here are both prime examples of that, and are definitely worth a read if you’d like to learn more about how these two aspects of promoting your business can be integrated.

What are your thoughts? Have you had a good experience utilizing public relations with search engine optimization in order to drive traffic, leads, or other metrics? Your thoughts are always welcome, so be sure to share them in the comments!

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